About Alkuhme

Who We Are

As a proud sponsor of Mother Earth, we are committed to developing and manufacturing green and natural products. Our carefully crafted laundry and household cleaning products, pet care, baby care, and personal care have all been developed with clean chemistry from natural ingredients. Whether you’re looking to private label or contract package, our market knowledge and natural formulation expertise can help you reach target demographics, meet business goals, and maintain your facility—without the toxins.

Our core values and eco-friendly philosophy drive our everyday manufacturing and packaging operations. We are committed to upholding our social, ethical, economic, and environmental responsibilities.


People & Communities
Aligning business values with those of individual and community stakeholders.


Openness & Accountability
Building trust with a rigorous discipline of transparency in our operations.


Prosperity & Resilience
Transforming business into a valuable investment based on sustainability principles.


Ecosystems & Stewardship
Assuming responsibility for sustainable contributions to the planet.